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How to choose flowers for your beloved person?

How to say, “I love you” with plants: Five the most romantic blooms

From the ancient times, flowers have always carried a love symbolism in themselves. From one side it's a way to represent sincere feelings and from the other side, they are the most appreciated presents for all women. If you desire to impress your spouse or girlfriend, look below to know more about the flowers that you can order to represent love.

1 Roses

Some people might think that a red rose may be a cliché, but they still remain the most widely used blooms to offer on Wedding, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day for a reason.

Red – Passion, Love, Appreciation;

Pink – Romantic feelings;

White – Purity, Balance and Innocence,

Orange – Friendship and Wisdom;

Yellow – Devotion and Sensuality;

Blue – Mystery, Imagination, Royalty.

2 Tulips

These wonderful, colorful plants will be able to delight everyone, have no doubts. When your dearest woman will see you with a bunch of multi colored seasonal tulips, she will remember this sign of attention for a very long time.

Yellow –Unrequited love;

Red – Perfect love and Passion;

Purple – Royalty;

Pink – first romantic feelings;

White – Purity and Innocence.

3 Peonies

The Peony ruffled blooms are known to represent romance and a deep appreciation. Choose these flowers and you will get a brilliant gift for your beloved woman.

Pink – Love and Romance;

White/Pale pink – Romantic feelings;

Deep red – Respect.

4 Orchids

These royal blooms are often grown in pots, they are sure to delight your beloved women with their luxurious look and beauty. Offer orchids as a symbol of your deep appreciation and you will not regret it.

Red – Desire and Passion;

Pink – Happiness, Grace and Joy;

Yellow – New beginning, joy and friendship;

Orange – Pride, Enthusiasm and Boldness;

Green – Nature, Blessings and Good Fortune.

5 Sunflowers

These bright gems represent the sun and carry various meanings that make it perfect if you wish to represent love, admiration and adoration.

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