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Funeral arrangements

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Funeral flowers and arrangements

Often flowers are used for happy occasions, but if you need to represent sympathy, they are also suitable. Beautiful bouquet is a great way to send support in the time of loss and hard situation. If you need to buy a funeral or a memorial arrangement, browse a part of our catalogue where these floral compositions are represented.

Funeral flower arrangements for men

At the funeral of a man, carry bouquets are made with a predominance of strict contrasting colors: black, white, blue, red, yellow, purple or orange. If a person, during his lifetime, has been determined and active, flowers must be arranged asymmetrically.

Funeral flower arrangements for women

Flowers, which are assigned to the grave of the deceased woman, should be loved by her in life, but also reflect her habits, lifestyle and character. For the unmarried young girl, who died prematurely, it is recommended to bring flowers of white and pink shades. They will emphasize her purity, innocence and beauty. Flowers of orange, red, purple and yellow shades are suitable for middle-aged woman who is died. If the deceased woman was a gentle person; in this case, you can bring a bouquet with a symmetrical arrangement of plants in pastel shades. If the woman was active and with bright personality, it will be appropriate to bring a bouquet of contrast shades.

Funeral flower arrangements for children (girls and boys)

On the graves of the dead, at a young age, children flowers of white and cream shades are traditionally brought. They symbolize purity, innocence and tenderness and often they include calla lilies, violets and white roses.

There are also some rules for selection and the ascension of funeral flowers:

1 Funeral is not a celebration, but an hour of the grief. Consequently, bunches must be discreet, soft, strict, emphasizing the solemn farewell.

2 Putting flowers on the grave or coffin will be always without wrapping.

3 The ritual bouquet should not prevail for more than three colors, because diversity does not correspond to the sad funeral atmosphere.

4 If you cannot come to the funeral, you can send a basket or a flower bouquet with the words of sorrow for the deceased.

5 Choosing flowers and shade is necessary to give preference to dark tones and simple compositions.

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