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Special «UFL unites hearts»

Valentine's Day is coming but you still do not have a couple? We will help you to find it!


  • girls (of all ages): present your photos and brief information about yourself: avocations and interests;
  • men: send flowers to a girl you like. Take the first step - get contacts of those one that caught your heart. A little hint: the most romantic bouquets are here;
  • send us a message with a joint photo, if your acquaintance in real life was successful – we will draw a prize* from the UFL among couples that will get on until February 14, 2015!

See photos in full size

Girls, the first step - yours!
Send your photos to the address: [email protected].

CAUTION! Providing us with your photos, you give your consent to public of them on our pages in social networks.

See photos here: Facebook.
Take part in the special offer «UFL unites hearts», find each other and win a prize* from the UFL!

*Under the prize we mean a bouquet and a gift.

Last updated: 2015-01-22
Section: News
Author: RU-Flowers.com
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